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G'Day Mate : Australia Travels

"Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of loving." -Miriam Beard 

G'Day Mate!  (which I learned no one actually says... except for the kangaroo dolls at the souvenir shops)  So I went down under... all the way around the world!  From Georgia to Australia!  A 20 hour flight later.... after several movies, naps, and cocktails... I arrived in Sydney!

Long stretchy maxi dresses are a must for long flights.  Planes are always hot before take off and then get super cold.  Layers that include comfy cardigans, jackets, and scarfs are essential especially if you're in a window seat.  Plus your scarfs and jackets double as pillows and blankets!  I always pack slipper socks in my bag and a Evian water spray/mister bottle to keep my skin from getting dry in the air.

My girlfriend and I hit the ground running when we landed.  We checked in, showered, and went out!  Bondi, Sydney bars, Manly beach, Manly Wharf, shopping, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Zoo, and riding the ferry were just a few of the things we did!  Brangelina and Chelsea Handler were even in Sydney when we were!  The crazies thing I did while I was there was eat Kangaroo... yes eat (insert OMG monkey emoji with hands over mouth).  It was.... alright.  I would not eat it again but I heard it was very healthy for you.  Poor roo.

I ended up buying some crazy things while I was there .... placenta cream, lanolin cream, emu oil, paw paw's lip balm, obviously a boomerang and kangaroo balls beer opener.  A lot of their "skin/pill products" down there have pictures of sheep, sharks, crocs, and kangaroos on the bottles.  Hmmm.  So I obviously bought some. Duh.  And I will say... I'm a fan!  Love them!

I can't wait to see the rest of Australia... next visit!  Next stop Bali so check back in later this week to see more of my Eat Pray Love journey and travel details in Indonesia!!

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Holiday SUP YOGA Gift Guide

Has the hype of all these Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals got you like Buddy the Elf about to see Santa... yeah. Thought so. 

The only bad news is that while I've been on my couch or laying in my bed shopping I've also been enjoying myself traveling and stuffing my happy Thanksgiving face off!!! 

Yeah don't judge.... I'm not proud.  

But it's time to get back in shape before I fall for the dreaded New Years Resolution.   I'd like to beat him to the punch.  Not this year sir!
Thankfully Yoga Outlet has HOOKED y'all up with some amazing gift guide offers!  These yoga pants are my jam!  The perfect motivation to get my butt back in the gym and yoga studio!  I mean how else am I going to fit in all my new clothes? 

Happy Shopping! Let me know what is your fav!  I've been wanting to try that Yoga Paddleboard!

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The Best Gift Guide for Her (or him) all under $50

The best Gift Guide to get you through the season and UNDER $50!!!  With Black Friday being today then Cyber Monday then Christmas and the Holiday Season right around the corner I've gathered some of my most favorite gifts this year!  You're.  Welcome.  These bad boys are the perfect gifts for your best friend, the girl who has everything, a new mom, the wino (your drinking buddy), the tech girl, the home decorator and more!!! I've even put together a little man approved list for the special guy in your life!

Thanks to my new favorite app KEEP!  It is seriously amazing.  You can buy anything you want in ONE yes ONE shopping cart.  That means only entering in your shipping and credit card information once!  You can even shop "online" in the app or in the app they have pre selected gift ideas you can shop from.  You can even type in the name of a store and filter that way!  It's seriously a huge time saver and I HIGHLY recommend it!

So happy shopping!  I hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day!

Gift Guide for Her