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#INeedSparkle 5 Sparkle and Glam Favorites

I have a little thing for all things sparkle and glam! And by little thing I mean huge thing and by huge thing I mean obsession! Right? #INeedSparkle

So I suggest listening to my new fav jam called ALL THINGS GIRLY while you read along... 


Today I’m talking sparkle favorites!  Sparkling nails {my favorite mani}, sparkling summer shimmer and highlighting powder, my new sparkle dress I wore to the Atlanta’s Most Eligible Jezebel Party, plus some amazing sparkling rhinestone shoes and my new favorite Britney Spears phone case!  A girl can never have too much sparkle!

1. Nails:  White is hot. Period. Pop on some glitter on a single nail or use gold foil via Flash Tats or Mr.Kate and voila! That shit sparkles!!! Abs Fav!  Not to mention that sparkly gold jewelry! Yes please.  Yes to it all.

(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)

2. Summer shimmer spray.... to make you sparkle!  A must.  Put this down the lines of your legs, on your collarbone and down your chest (yes in between your boobs)  just do it.  You're welcome.  Bronzing powders will do the trick too!  Or both.  Whatevs tickles your fancy.  this isn't a secret Victoria's sparkle game is on point. (see what I did there)

On that same note.  This is my most prized possession right now!  Nars highlighting blush.  Translucent powder perfect for highlighting those cheek bones, eyes, nose, lips, collarbone, chest, you name it!!! 

These two things are a must for summer sparkle!

3.  This new dress and these Dopodomani earrings from Miami's fashion week.... wow they sparkled! And I loved it. The end.

similar here - I get mine from The Habit: Art! in Miami.

Pictured at Atlanta's Most Eligible Jezebel Magazine Party

4. The perfect accessory... forever.  Shoes + Sparkles = Perfection!

If you can't wear them. Hold them.  They're still cute.

You can find these plus many many more here.

5. Yes I own this.  Duh.  It sparkles.  Thank you Britney Spears.

I can’t wait to see your favorite things that sparkle!  Post about them on instagram, twitter, or pinterest with #INeedSparkle

Till next time dolls!

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Beyonce shut down divorce rumors

I could watch Bey all day everyday!  First of all the On The Run tour was amazing and she is legit flawless!  So once again... Beyonce slayed it last night at the VMA's and shut down all rumors that have been flying around.  So what do y'all think?

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All's Fair in Love & Wardrobe a must read

A seriously can't put it down... witty and lovely read!  The illustrations are just darling and things I want to tear out and frame!  Stephanie and her rules are amazing!  Best dating advice ever.  Two things I love combined... love & wardrobe....yes please!  Total perfection!

I love and relate to almost every rule in the book but these below are especially familiar... so I've decided to share some of my favs!

Pretty sure I went on a date with this guy just last week!  Tall, handsome, successful, emotionally available (or so I thought), who basically planned out our life together (red flag right), and our next 5 vacations, and made himself my wedding date to a wedding 2,000 miles away without me inviting him.  Even flew into Atlanta to take me out.  Well bubble skirt... busted.  Rule 11.  I own you.

*give me some of this NOW!!!

So this happened to me.... too.  Should I just be checking all these "dont's" off my list as lessoned learned.  Rule 16.  Been there.  Done that.  

I highly highly recommend keeping a journal or even saving his name in your phone as "guy always in a funk" and jotting down notes on why you moved on in the comment section because mark my words guys WILL COME BACK....FULL CIRCLE.  And you'll conveniently get glamnesia.  I couldn't agree more with Rule 18.  Slow clap for Stephanie for this nice little reminder.

Ah the smell of desperation and a hard sell.  This is uncomfortable and awkward and will definitely ruin any chance of you ever seeing him ever again either way you go because he only has one intention.  I mean sell, beg, plead, demand, it's all very unflattering so why do it?

Rule 6, 40, 101 and everything above... they are all my favorites!  I could have read this forever!  I want more!  I want more!  Laugh out loud funny and familiar rules you'll love but with a stylish twist!  It's a super easy read that you can finish in one sitting (I mean if I did it you can do it) and I definitely recommend reading it!  Like NOW!  Go on.  Grab a glass of wine and a little Love and Wardrobe... Hurry up!

Thanks Steph for Love & Wardrobe!  Hope y'all love it as much as I did.  

You can find All's Fair in Love and Wardrobe here and Stephanie's Love and Wardrobe twitter here so go say hi!  

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#WHATTHEHEALY a bach party

#WeddingSeason is here in full force in the South.  I think I'm up to number 8 so far this year... whew.  Came home on a red eye from NYC and jetted right back out the next morning for Miami.  Luckily I had packed two suitcases and had them ready to go because I knew I'd be too tired to deal with it when I got in from NYC.  

I read somewhere that it's okay to overpack... because suitcases have wheels now.  Wrong. Unless you have a friend to close it while you sit on top... you're doomed.  I had to duck tap (I know I know... so classy) my suitcase... and not for safety and security but so it wouldn't bust open and break a zipper.

Now when I go carry on style, I go full professional and keep it black on black on black... but when I check a bag I'm all like what's the most obnoxious suit case I can take so I recognize it!  And lucky for me too because of our 3 flight delays my suitcase got home before I did and it went to the airport babysitter, basically where luggage goes to die, and I don't think I ever would have seen her again if it weren't for the one and only houndstooth and hot pink print! Thank you suit case travel gods above!

So back on track... after my Miami and Ft.Lauderdale meetings I was able to join the weekend Bach festivities!  My little college roomie is getting hitched so we got to celebrate in Las Olas.  We rented a house with a pool close to the bars and beach which was fun.  Especially the college like reunion having all the old roomies together again.  


Needless to say traveling, working, and partying.... I'm exhausted but the bags under my eyes are Chanel.

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FLASHTATS my new obsession

These little metallic gems are my new summer obsession! Could they be any cuter!  Flash Tat and Mr.Kate Beautymarks are just a few but I'm sure there are so many more now!  

I went out in Miami and Ft.Lauderdale and literally a dozen people stopped me to ask about them!  I'm obsessed!


life's a beach in gold metallic

PSA: Don't let your drunk friends take pics they will come out blurry and headless.

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